Back to the 50’s…..

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First photo will be a black Ford truck with orange fenders…..

This is a STUNNING Ford truck….I love it…And I can’t wait to drive MINE again. *heal chest HEAL!!*

Gas dropped from $2.51/gallon on my way TO the cities to $2.49/gallon on my way home. Needless to say I stopped and topped the tank.

Coors car. Took a photo of that for Ken. He asked me to check the fluid ounces….Made me giggle. Some people have incredible visions for their wheels.

Crown Vic – What a GORGEOUS car. I LOVE me a Vic. Too bad I had to sell mine. It makes me sad.

The line up of cars were our group. From left to right: Joe’s Blue…..I don’t know the year Ford. Tom’s ’57 Ford Custom convertible. His dad bought it new. Tommy’s Ford Fairlane. GORGEOUS car. And Marty’s something or other Ford. I don’t know his car very well.

This is the New Zealand family I was so excited to see. Amy the daughter, Allan the dad, and Julie the mum. I sent home the final cap Nick wore home with Allan. He will get a photo wearing it first then put it in the cabinet for display. I also sent home the shirt Nick wore at the benefit. I want photos of them wearing it too.
CROPPED Nick and Sue at the benefit
It would fit either of them. I just wanted them to have one. I cannot get anymore as the company that made these is out of business and I have to start over to get more made.

Allan and Nick clicked like two peas the moment they met. I’m just sorry they only got a few short years as friends. When I pulled into the motel, I realized it was the same one where those two met. I parked where they worked on Tom’s car, sat there, and just cried and I was shaking like a leaf. Memories of that day just FLOODED back. It is already hard to breathe but it was worse sitting there. I let it finish, wiped my eyes, and then I smiled.

I made it through another memory.

Sitting at BTT50’s, I kept thinking of Nick with every car except the Coors car. Thinking how much he enjoyed it the one year we came up with his truck. We had such fun. I miss doing car shows with him. His childlike excitement at each new discovery was infectious. Sometimes I felt dragged from car to car, but I would give the world to have had that this past weekend again.

A magazine took a photo of his truck and put it in the spread they did on BTT50’s.  I’m going to do what I can to get the truck up there next year.
I wish I knew how to keep Nick more in the background because Ken deserves to be ‘out front’. I think about both of them all the time.

But Ken is HERE. In the here and now. I spend my weekends at his house. I talk to him every day. I really care about this guy. We laugh and enjoy ourselves so much.

Just wish I knew where we were going …… Granted it has only been 3 months but I knew after a week where I was headed with Nick.




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