I won 2 games last night!!! On my own!! And not because he scratched on the 8 ball!! (OK, I won two games because he scratched too, but they don’t count)

And I think I discovered why…….I changed pool cues. And I couldn’t miss my shots. (OK, I missed a FEW…but not MOST like before!!) I really enjoyed it last night. pool-table.jpeg <–the pool table!
(with a bad job of photo shopping Cowboy out of it)

I enjoy all my time spent with Ken. But when Pool finally goes right? ya. Even more.

I made my enchiladas for supper. He really liked them. I surprised him with raspberries and blackberries for over our vanilla ice cream. He surprised me with Strawberry Shortcake. WITH COOL WHIP!! He won! But it was a good supper anyway and I had raspberries, blackberries, and a banana for lunch today.

Then we went down to play pool……I enjoy sparring with him. We laugh and touch and talk and just keep learning about each other…..

….then I went home.

I am having Ladies night at my house tonight, I have a board meeting Thursday evening. And Friday night is the bonfire. It’s to be 96* on Friday. This could get interesting.

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