This was a good but busy weekend…..

The Mustang Run was yesterday. Grandson went on it with me again. I hope this continues as a tradition for us.

Welcome to my little corner of the institution...

My oldest grandson turned 16 in June. He got his license on 7/7. So for his birthday present, he got to drive Papa’s truck with Papa. Omg the kid was over the moon smiling! He was so happy he didn’t kill the truck trying to drive this manual transmission. He is used to automatics.

Cullan Papa Truck up close

Yeah….he’s a lot taller than Papa. And bigger. And he loves his Papa to pieces.

Cullan Papa Truck walking back

He decided he wanted to go on the 16th annual Mustang Run this year. “Do I get to drive the Mustang Gramma?” We’ll see, luv. We’ll see.”

JoAnn (coordinator) always does a little speech about people who are on the run for more than a few years. We get to know each other…….

Anyway…..She started this story “There are a couple people here, who, after COURTING for 20 years, decided to finally marry. (She also knows the cancer part but didn’t…

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