What I did on my vacation…..

Tuesday evening I went to Ken’s and that is where I stayed for most of my time off. Just mellowing out.

Wednesday morning……I can’t even tell you what we did besides just stayed on vacation doing little and spending time together.

Wednesday afternoon I rec’d a FB message from my nephew in AZ. “Have you talked to Dad lately? I haven’t heard from him in 4 days.” I told him no, that his father was mad at me for some reason. I still have NO idea other than he had full fledged diabetes, needed to test daily  and take insulin. I don’t. “How do YOU rate????” Well, I take better care of myself, apparently. He was pissed about that.

After going back and forth for a bit, he finally sent a friend to the house that lived just down the road from my brother. She knocked on the door, he didn’t answer, she peeked in the window and saw him laying on the floor.

Well, when I heard that I KNEW something was wrong. There is NO way Scott would have been on the floor because he wouldn’t have gotten up by himself. I told him he needed to have her pound on the door or something. He told me if it would make me feel better, I could run over, but Patty was checking on him. Not a minute later I got “She called 911.”

Less than 20 minutes later, Nephew calls me. Just bawling.

“Dad’s dead.”

Stunned silence.

I don’t remember the rest of the conversation but I do remember telling him NOT to call my folks. I would go up there and tell them in person. This was NOT something they needed to hear over the phone. I also called my other brother and told him not to, also. I was going up to tell them in person. He agreed.


Between the cancer, the diabetes, being overweight, not finishing his chemo which can kill you on it’s own….his body couldn’t take it. He died of a heart attack on his living room floor.

Ken drove me to my parent’s home. I think Mom knew immediately. Dad needed me to say it. Dad lost it which I knew he would. Mom….I’m not sure about her yet. I think the funeral this Thursday might take her down. She needs to let it out. But she will in her own way. I think she’s handling it better than Dad.


It’s been a whirlwind of stuff to do because he did not have a will (dammit! don’t do this to YOUR relatives. GET ONE DONE!!)

Rest in peace bro. God knows you didn’t seem to have it here.

Friday night, Lennox and I hung out at Ken’s. We had pizza “IN TOWN MOMMY!!”. We took him back to Ken’s and he watched Brave. I love that movie! 9pm came so I took him home. He was busy at Ken’s but not long after we got home, he cuddled up to my side and zoned out.

My chest is healing enough that I could actually pick him up and take him into my bed. He snuggled with me all night. It was nice.

Sunday was the 19th annual Mustang Run. I’m not sure how many were there this year but we have had up to 165 Mustangs from 1965-2018 most years.

We all gather at the Ford Dealership, the police stop traffic to let us all out and we cruise the back roads for about 60 minutes or so before meeting at a local place (with a back room big enough for about 200 people). A catered lunch, door prizes and some Mustang stories later, we are all on our way home.

mustang run 2018
This is my baby. She is usually the oldest car there. I was sposed to be #4 in line but she decided to act up. Open the hood, wiggle the battery cables and she fired right up again. Guess I’ll have to clean them tonight.

They pull tickets for the door prizes. But in the middle of all that, I heard the lady in charge, JoAn say “There is a friend here who lost her brother a couple weeks ago. Then she fell and broke her sternum. So she deserves a door prize.”

She’s a stinker and I do so enjoy her!

To top all this chaos off, somehow my AirBnB account got reactivated. And I have a guy staying in the student’s room from now till July 25th! He’s easy to talk to and I think he’ll be OK. I told him this week would be chaotic. He’s OK with it. The room is big enough that it doesn’t seem confining to stay in it all night. I told him he is welcome to come on downstairs and watch TV or whatever. ‘It’s ok Ma’am. I have so much paperwork to do………….” Ma’am. Hmmmm respectful or am I old? *sigh*

He’s working at the military base about  30 miles away and will be looking for a house in the town near it. I wish him luck. It’s a beautiful area….

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19 thoughts on “What I did on my vacation…..

    1. I’d rather have left it cracked. Easier than the broked. Sneezing, coughing, laughing, trying to raise your voice to a g’child that WON’T LEAVE THE POOL BALLS ALONE!! is almost impossible.

      Supper soon??


    1. It’s been a bit rough. And I’ve spent a fortune on gas running around. Tomorrow is the funeral. Then a lot of things will be done with for me.


      1. I’m coming to YOUR house the next time this happens. I’ll deal with it when I sober up from our drinking binge.


  1. I’m sorry to hear about your brother Boo 😦 Sorry I haven’t been keeping up with blogs here or at the other place. Just too much going on lately and I don’t get time to really sit and read through them.

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