Can someone stop the world for a bit…?

so many hearts
I’m just tired of funerals. And people being shits. The coroner asked us to look through things to try and pinpoint a “Window” for Scott’s time of death. I went through the glucose meter and his phone.

Suffice it to say there are people I won’t be speaking with anymore. I find it sad how backstabbing some people can be.


My trip to London is being diverted. I’ll hop a flight to Edinburgh soon after I land in Gatwick. Hoping to surprise Italian children with a few days, too. I probably should start packing a few things now. Before I forget what I want to take with. I should get some gifts for my new ‘grandchildren’ too. They are all excited I’m coming to visit…..That is so nice…..

I have no idea why things changed but I’m done running that course. If I am not good enough for you, then expand your mind. I embrace almost everyone. I help everyone I can. I am always there for you, whomever you are. And if I am not? There is a pretty damn good reason why. No one is ever too much work if you are truly friends. This applies to everyone I know. I LIKE being happy and smiling and laughing and having a good time. If YOU are not happy with me? That’s on you.

Ken and I continue to laugh and have a great time together. He’s just as goofy as I am. I like that. We have some STRANGE conversations and also can just sit in silence together.

I’m even winning at pool more often!!  I’ve been watching him and learning a few tricks. Out of probably 483 games, I think I’ve won 7 on my own. Add 3 or 4 more where he scratched on the 8 ball…….then I’ve won 10 or 11 out of 526 games.

LOL I have no idea how many we have played. We just enjoy it.

It’s hard to sit and cuddle on the couch till my chest heals so the movies have gone on hiatus. But I have the National Lampoon’s ‘Vacation’ series coming in to my local library as well as Spaceballs and High Anxiety. These could be fun.

I am off on Thurs, Friday and Monday again for bereavement leave. I’ll catch up with y’all then. See you ‘morrow!!

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10 thoughts on “Can someone stop the world for a bit…?

  1. I’m sorry that you’re traveling under such emotional circumstances, but that trip might be just what you need.

    And hey, 7 out of 483 games is not too shabby!

    Wait. Actually, it is very shabby. Never mind. Just enjoy your trip.

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  2. I feel adrift without Blogster… you lost someone? I’m so sorry.
    My late mother’s birthday was today. She passed 4 years ago this month and it just hit me hard this morning. Damn FB and their memory posts.
    I envy you the trip to London….Scotland is my bucket list,

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