There have been too many lately…..

My brother.

I still miss you every day.jpg
Nick, the love of my life.

My friends Paul, Mike, crazy Elsie, my beloved Aunts, G’ma Grape, Ruby, and I’ve already lost track of all the names……

Things become a blur when so many die in such a short time span.

its okay
I have told y’all before I GET why people commit suicide. Sometimes the pain of loss, whatever that loss may be, gets to be more than one can handle. I’ve been there. I’ve been where the pain makes you unable to breathe or function. More than once. But I have 10 grandchildren that help keep me grounded. They keep me focused because they are such an awesome bunch of young people that I want to see grow to adulthood. I want to see what they become.

So y’all are stuck with me. Hope that’s ok.

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8 thoughts on “There have been too many lately…..

  1. Death… an irreversible part of life. The losses come more frequently and we never get used to them. At times the grief can be overwhelming and all we can do is surrender to the tears. But the more it hurts, the more proof we have of love. And the love never dies. I try to take comfort in that.

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  2. As we get older we unfortunately do have those losses in our lives. Grandchildren are the gift to us on our melancholy days! Speaking of grandchildren, my daughter is being induced tomorrow, and a new little love will come into our lives…a baby girl. Not sure what she’s gonna name her, but my suggestion was “quits!” LOL…after 4 does she need any more? I think not!

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