I posted this a while ago…


I miss me. I miss me too. The confident self assured woman I was. Nick made me feel so ‘me’, self confident, sexy, lovable, sensuous. Oh hush. He did.

The old me. The only things I want back from the old me is my waistline. I’m working on that. And my confidence. I think I am actually getting that back. My women friends say they can see it.

The happy me. I’m getting happy again. I am learning to live without him. Not saying I LIKE it. But I’m learning.

The bright me. I had a man take me out for supper one night and I noticed he had stopped eating. He was just looking at me. “You are such a beautiful woman.” And he was smiling. He meant it. I could tell. And it made me glow inside. Too bad we are no longer together. He really made me laugh.

The smiling me. My customers make me smile all day. Some even make me laugh out loud when they call in. I am getting better. They notice it.

The laughing me. My friends make me laugh. They do a pretty good job of it.

The gone me. The gone me left with Nick. I cannot get her back. But I am liking the new me. The one I never thought I would find. Grief does subside into a more manageable form.  It will get better. Something I never thought I would get.

Today marks 2 years.

2 years Nick. I miss you still. I love you still. I always will.

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6 thoughts on “I posted this a while ago…

  1. Wow, has it really been 2 years? It’s so trite, but time really does pass more quickly as we age.
    “The only things I want back from the old me is my waistline.” Amen to that sister! (And my old hips, my smaller bustline, and my bunion free feet!)

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