So after a crappy month….

I finally got some GREAT news!!

July 2, 2017 – less than one year after losing my Nick and trying to learn how to cope with the new life, I get a phone call from my doc. I had been in for my routine exam with blood tests a few days earlier.

I’m coming home from church when I notice a voice mail. “Hi, I hate to do this in a phone call but your blood numbers came back off. You are now considered diabetic.” and blah blah blah with the rest of how she wasn’t worried about any of it as my A1C reading was 6.6. A reading of 6.5 is pre-diabetic. No testing except sporadically but we do want to keep an eye on this.

December. 6 months later it’s gone from 6.6 to 6.7 even with Matteo’s hard work while I was in Italy. It depresses me that it has risen. But I still feel ok. Only once in a bit do I feel odd. So I test and it’s usually 120 or so. The higher end of the 80-120 spectrum but still way within limits.

Last Friday. My A1C score has gone from 6.7 to 5.8.





I am beyond pleased as punch.

I’ve already put Ken in the rear view mirror. I’m OK with his leaving. I don’t know as I am even bothered with the ‘no real reason’ anymore. Time to move on.

I have a wedding reception and dance on Saturday. I need a date because I want to dance! Or maybe I should go alone and see what’s there…..? LOL………..

Sunday: Spent a wonderful couple of hours with these two grandsons, having Lunch in Fountain City, visiting with Papa, and having Ice Cream in Alma after our visit. It was so relaxing to just sit by Papa and talk with these two.  They are awesome kids. The older one is now 18 tho. So instead I’ll call them young men. Handsome and talented and very athletic. It’s a joy to spend time with them.cullan caiden nonna on 2nd anny good one

We’ll go see Papa again sometime.


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24 thoughts on “So after a crappy month….

    1. You move around. A lot. That is a key way to get rid of the extra sugars and not build up to diabetes. Keep hiking to the peeks!!!


      1. No, but your vaca photos of which you post a LOT of moving around, show you doing something to combat it. Consider bread a treat and eat it more sparingly….so sayeth the bread whore. God I love good bread!! It’s that little bit of Italian in me!! (0%)


      2. um…..per week? I’ve lost 18 pounds by cutting way down on bread and I rarely eat potatoes anymore. Pasta is a treat too.


  1. You are at 6.6? That’s where I started. I lost 13 pounds over 6 months and dropped to the 5.8 however, where can YOU lose 13#??


    1. 6.5 is PRE diabetic. It’s the blood test they do to see what your level of ‘glucose’ blood sugar is in your blood at 3 month intervals. (my testing they do every 6 months) My first reading was 6.6 which put me in the diabetic range. Then it went to 6.7. I lost 18 pounds which helps my body ‘process’ carbs and sugars better and now it’s dropped to 5.8. YAY ME!!


      1. Awesome! My mother was at that stage in her life and apparently, so was my dad (at that time, I really didn’t try to learn anything about. Doh). Trying not to be there myself

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