It suddenly dawned on me…..

…that he is having another employee call from his work for parts instead of calling himself.


Either he is embarrassed or REALLY doesn’t want to talk to me ever. How professional.

And yet he asked if I wanted to stay his friend. How strange.


It’s OK.

On to bigger and better things. And I do mean bigger. *eyes get really wide*  I shouldn’t say that. He has awesome shoulders….Better? I don’t know. I really did enjoy my time with him. What is happening is NOT something I would have associated with him.

But now I am free to stalk pursue others.  Maybe I’ll put Tinder back on my phone…..LOL!! Like THAT has worked out well for me.


I may just do the friends with benefits thing for a while. I am too prone to wearing my heart on my sleeve and that gets me hurt. Men, OK SOME men like to take advantage of that. And of course, I’m that widow woman who’s been on the shelf a while. You know what SHE wants. *snortz* 

I had lunch with my boyfrennn Nick today. He’ll be 27 next week. He’s a sweetie. Likes to spend time with this old lady. I love it. Everyone needs a little boyfrennn like Nick in their lives. Makes me feel younger and appreciated. if-there-is-a-slight-chance-at-getting-something-that-will-make-you-happy.jpg
Europe is calling and I am getting nervous. I can’t wait to go but the time now leading up to departure gives me butterflies.  I need to start packing and such. And now on flights in Europe (from Edinburgh to Pisa) you have to prepay for luggage and GUESS what weight you’ll be at.


I’ll pack light. My jeans are 1/3 the weight of my wranglers so I should be good.  I also told Atia I just may leave some of my clothes there. LOL!!

Y’all have a great day!!


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11 thoughts on “It suddenly dawned on me…..

  1. Let’s put it this way, if you don’t feel 100% sure on something and don’t feel happy in just a fraction of an inch, hold back until you know for sure. If it feels wrong in the slightest…it just might not be right.. Good luck in your hunt chick!

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