Wait…what day is it?

Thurs Happy Fri wait its Thurs

Thursday Day 4 of hostage

Driving my old truck today. Really feeling Nick.

I went and sat at the park for my lunch.

About froze my ass off. Wow!

Grandson heard the truck running this morning.



“Are we taking your truck today?”

Yes, we are.


Nicks truck with stencil 001

I get him to daycare and all the little boys are lined up at the door.

One of them tells me ‘that’s an F100.’ I said ‘yes, it is. How did you know that?’

‘HE TOLD ME’ and he points at this young boy who looked about 7 or 8.

I asked him how he knew what it was.

“I know my trucks.”

Ok, then what year is it………..(the other children are hollaring out 2017! a 2018!!)

“1957” he replied.

My jaw about dropped to the floor.

I said “Who ARE you??”

‘Just a kid who knows his trucks.’


I was suitably impressed.

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