friday martini

It does. It really does!

(you tried didn’t you??)

So….any wild plans for the weekend?

C’mon….post ’em in my comments.

Let’s see who has the wildest fun planned for the weekend.

I’m trying to decide between a car show over an hour away, a car show 3.5 miles away, Hoedown, and just staying home. Oh the excitement of it all. ~yawn~

Sunday is all day up by my parents. Heidi is coming in from Kansas. Sunday night my friend is coming from Missouri and staying for a few days while her son goes to Mayo.

My house is finally getting sorted. I’m enjoying it. Except my ‘office’ is a disaster. Time for another bonfire and more paper sorting.

I’m cleaning off my HUGE book case so that can get sold and out of my house. (Photo is from 2010-11)my-desk-area-not-done.jpg
It’s the one behind the black chair and white lamp. It’s HUGE. I love the thing, just don’t need it anymore. The bottom has two sliding doors that store all my maps and guide books.

living room painting 002
Here you can see not only how sturdy that book case is, but the Hot Rod Red walls I used to have.


The desk was a disaster area while I was painting. SO many things are getting packed up and donated now. I’m done storing all this stuff. I have donated enough stuff to start my own store.

Not doing so hot today. First it is 2 years ago today for the funeral. Second, I’m talking with my friend R about the guy I am considering ‘being with’. FwB is what I am after for now. I’m done getting hurt. I don’t care if it is a part of life. I just want something to go right.

Apparently Ken’s defection has hurt more than I thought it would. But I’ll get past it.

If I can survive losing Nick? I can survive ANYTHING.

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19 thoughts on “Friday….yay

      1. With my son being Autistic and the other half works during the day (and sometimes half day early mornings), I am a retail Manager’s dream because most are looking for people that can do nights and weekends.

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  1. Why would you be afraid? I’m a nice person. I’d even put you up overnight in the spare room upstairs. My dog would LOVE you. The cat would hound you. We could even have a bonfire while you were here!!! *sniffle*


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