Y’all are gonna think I’m nuts…

This is my bedroom. My closet is just the left of that lamp. I love my bedroom. It is so calm and peaceful in there. I love to crawl into bed at night and just look. This rearrange/paint job was done almost 2 years ago and I’m STILL lovin’ it.

See that set of fleece sheets in the plastic bag? Right there on the shelf next to the blue hat with the purple boa brim…..(yes, I wear it)

When I got home from Europe this time, it was about 10:30pm, I was exhausted from being up for almost 24 hours, all the travel, lack of food, etc…..

I crawled into my bed and for some reason just looked up at this in my closet. My lamp was on and I was reaching up to turn it off when I glanced at a reflection on this bag in the closet.

I thought to myself “Oh that is so nice the g’kids made a sign for me and put it where they knew I’d see it.”

It said ‘I love you’ in blues and purples and like cream and I could see reflections of light.

I shut off the lamp and dropped off to sleep.

Imagine how I felt when I awoke the next morning………and there was no ‘sign’ propped up against my bag of fleece sheets.

I was puzzled…………..for a few days……………till it hit me in the shower a few nights later.


I love you too, Nick.

I’ve missed seeing little signs of you lately.

So thank you.

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Where I laid my head in Italy…..

The place I stayed in is outside a town called Rosignano Marittimo, about 40 km south of Pisa. After all the squealing and hugs and OMG!!!!’s at the airport in Pisa….


……………we headed to the summer home……Remember my daughter Marghe? This is one of her Nonna’s homes. It was beyond awesome. I could HAPPILY live out my days here.

The door? Wide enough to DRIVE thru (with their small cars). I immediately felt at peace when I saw this home. And even more so when I walked inside. I felt welcomed. By the people AND the home.20180818_103244

I fell in love……………..this home surrounded me with love. I could feel it from all of the people. Marghe’s Nonna’s husband (he is not her bio Nonno) Pierre was just a joy. Champion Sail boater with trophies everywhere. Her Nonna? I could just keep her. So sweet and warm.20180819_072458
The upper window on the right was my room. No I didn’t sneak down the stairs at night. Couldn’t you just LIVE here???? I could happily swirl around in the lawn like Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music….. wearing a dress and and and everything!!!!20180819_070911
This was my room. HUGE comfortable bed in a big room. I slept so well! Even tho I was alone. *sigh*

That big green door opened into that screen porch which opened into this room where you can see right through to the living room. Open, clean, airy, and fresh, the ceilings were WAY up there.20180817_103539
The paintings on the wall are Pierre’s originals.

This is the kitchen. Not a great photo but it again shows how HIGH the ceilings are. The doorways are taller than ours then you can see how much more is above the door.20180817_103451

The stairwell you saw on the outside enters here, my room being to the right in this photo. When I first arrived, this door was open and the breezes just flowed through….4 huge bedrooms and a bath up here.

I thought this stairway was SO modern yet perfect for this home. As you walked up it, you could look into the living room on the right, or the sitting room on the left. The living room is just below what I now call MY room…..yup. I’m keepin’ it!!

I absolutely would LOVE to come back to this home. Marghe’s mom, Antonella is talking of turning it into a bed and breakfast. This place would be SO perfect for that. Right off the kitchen is a place outside the double sized patio doors where guests could eat alfresco. There is an apple orchard and olive trees, peace and tranquility. I know that sounds corny but it was SO nice there.

I’ll go back.

In a heartbeat.

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Welcome to Edinburgh Castle…

Yes, it was typical Scottish/England weather. Overcast, misty rain, 62* and chilly. But I didn’t let it dampen my enthusiasm in seeing this castle again and walking where Nick and I did in April of 2004. More than one time I had trouble breathing and seeing for the tears but it was a good trip down memory lane.18-6 going into the castle

After you get in and buy your ticket, this is the first gate you walk through.18-7-1 gate

And yes, it has that spiked scary iron gate.18-7 the inside gate

I love how the castle just seems to rise up from the rocks. 18-1 castle wall

One of the things that so impressed Nick when we were here 14+ years ago, was this cannon. I hope you can zoom in and read this.22 Mons Meg story
She is MASSIVE and impressive.20 Mons Meg
And look at the balls on her!! They are almost 400 pounds EACH.21 Mons Meg cannon balls
Read more about her at: https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mons_Meg

19 EC plaque
Just the dates are hard to wrap one’s head around.18-5 inside the keep
This is the line to get into see the crown jewels. It also has the Stone of Scone.

You are not allowed to take photos in the jewel room. This is a photo from :https://www.edinburghcastle.scot/discover/highlights/crown-jewels/

18-9 crown jewels.jpg

Just some of the dates carved into the walls.18-2 castle dates

This is the war memorial side.18 EC

The castle from the streets after we left.18-3 the castle

Waves to the grand old girl. I’ll see you again one day.

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