Psssssssssssst…over here!

I have a CRAPTON of photos of just the flowers from Scotland and Italy to post. But that will take a bit.

What I need to know is how to transfer these photos from my phone to my tablet….any ideas?

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10 thoughts on “Psssssssssssst…over here!

  1. not sure you can transfer bulk pictures of that magnitude all at once to your computer or tablet unless you could plug your phone in directly to the computer and then select the folder you have them in and/or drag and pull them to your PC…I’d put them on an external drive if it were me.

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  2. There are many ways. Most of them require a photo service like Google Photos, Flickr …
    I liked the old Google Picassa, now Google Photos.
    Install the app on the tablet and smartphone, then you can retrieve them with both devices

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