Scone Palace…..

Scone (pronounced Scoon like Spoon not Scone…sorry River, it’s a palace name today here in this instance) Palace is where the Kings of Scotland are crowned.

This is actually the back of the palace. I did not get a good photo of the front, just from the right front corner… You entered in the door you see there and the tour begins. OMG………it was wonderful….I happily spent 3 1/2 hours exploring this..14 Scone PalaceNo photos are allowed inside the palace but you can take photos outside to your hearts content. Also no one is allowed upstairs in the palace as the family still lives there. But the downstairs? WOW…… To see the inside, click on the link above.

This is the front of the palace (to the left hidden by trees) and the side facing the tourist parking lot. The lawns were just awesome too.14-1 Scone Palace
The grounds were just gorgeous. I was so happy just wandering around outside for over 2 hours.14-2 Scone Palace
If you look ‘in the back’ of this photo, you’ll see a couple of white benches. This was a flower garden and I just sat peacefully there for almost a half hour waiting for my friend to pick me up. So serene….


14-8 highlander cattle
14-6 Scone highlandersI took these photos of the highlander cattle for Val. Knew she would enjoy them.


15 Scone Palace white peacock
This is a white peacock. Their tails were not spectacular. I don’t know if they molt this time of year or what but NONE of them had all the feathers like in the gallery photos…
17 Stone of Scone abby
This is the abby and the Stone of Scone where the King sits as he is crowned. They are not sure if the one in Edinburgh Castle the real one or not. They think it is….This one was placed here sometime during the 1300’s as a replica.(so still WOW) And there is another stone in a throne in the Lennox Room (beams proudly at the name)

16 Scone Palace stone of scone
So much history here.

23 Scone gate
This is the original gate to the palace.The king was NOT happy that the towns people were living so close to this portal. They literally could walk off the street and onto palace grounds. In the photo below, this is all that remains of the original town. The King, in his infinite wisdom, was upset about how close the town was to his place, dismantled all the homes and moved the town 2 miles away. *snortz*

14-9 memorial
I’m standing with my back to the gate and snapped this. It’s part of a cemetery. Guess the king couldn’t move it ALL…….

14-3 Scone Palace tree
Just one of the cooler trees on the grounds.

14-5 Scone gateSorry for the blurry photo….see the palace in the background?


14-7 palace grounds
I really enjoyed my time there. I wandered around the palace and grounds for almost 4 hours. It was wonderful.

Find the rabbit……?14-A See the rabbit14-C wall14-B TREES



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  1. Those are some great pictures Boo and you are looking GOOD!! I was standing under a tree up in St. Augustine several years ago and a big pretty white feather came floating down. I picked it up and looked up in the tree and there was a white peacock sitting on the branch. ๐Ÿ™‚ They are really pretty when they have all of their tail feathers.

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