Y’all are gonna think I’m nuts…

This is my bedroom. My closet is just the left of that lamp. I love my bedroom. It is so calm and peaceful in there. I love to crawl into bed at night and just look. This rearrange/paint job was done almost 2 years ago and I’m STILL lovin’ it.

See that set of fleece sheets in the plastic bag? Right there on the shelf next to the blue hat with the purple boa brim…..(yes, I wear it)

When I got home from Europe this time, it was about 10:30pm, I was exhausted from being up for almost 24 hours, all the travel, lack of food, etc…..

I crawled into my bed and for some reason just looked up at this in my closet. My lamp was on and I was reaching up to turn it off when I glanced at a reflection on this bag in the closet.

I thought to myself “Oh that is so nice the g’kids made a sign for me and put it where they knew I’d see it.”

It said ‘I love you’ in blues and purples and like cream and I could see reflections of light.

I shut off the lamp and dropped off to sleep.

Imagine how I felt when I awoke the next morning………and there was no ‘sign’ propped up against my bag of fleece sheets.

I was puzzled…………..for a few days……………till it hit me in the shower a few nights later.


I love you too, Nick.

I’ve missed seeing little signs of you lately.

So thank you.

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10 thoughts on “Y’all are gonna think I’m nuts…

  1. Someone I loved dearly died–when they were about to die they told me they would be looking over my shoulder batting me on the head when I was about to do something wrong and kissing me on the top of my head when I was doing the right thing. I know that is exactly what happens now and then and no one can convince me it wasn’t/isn’t them.
    PS I get bettered more than kissed!

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    1. Nick has shown me he is still here a few times. But they are getting further between now. He’s happy where he is, free from pain and no more suffering. I miss him terribly but I have to move on and I’m trying to do that.


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