15 thoughts on “I got nothing today…….

    1. Been doing a lot of thinking on this new relationship I’m hoping to start up. Then the post I wrote about y’all thinking I’m nuts, and just missing Nick, wondering how things will go with this guy because he is SO busy I don’t know how much time he’ll be able to carve out for me……Wondering if I should say no but I’m tired of being alone so anything is better than nothing right? I really like this guy……….SO many things going thru my head and I think I just finally wrote the forward for the book I want to get started on……………..*pant pant pant* I need a nap now.

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      1. No time mostly because of his job…..I’m not worried about him NOT wanting to be with me, because he does. We do lunch every week. It’s complicated and if it doesn’t work out it doesn’t but I at least want to try….

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