My Labor Day weekend…….

jules and cullan at football
Yes, he is big. She is little. jules at Ocean Sushi
……….and completely adorable. For the first time EVER, she came home with Nonna. We went for Sushi. She loves Oriental food. The waitress wanted to take her home. So did the lady at the table behind me. We had some good stuff then headed home. She was my little snuggle bug shadow all weekend….it was nice and did this Nonna heart good.

Jules hiding cullans eyes
She is a stinker. And LOVES her big brother. He makes her look so tiny and she makes him look so big. I gave him a hug yesterday. I looked up to see the underside of his chin. Holy buckets.


Two of my four adorable Granddaughters….

my-six-grandsons.jpegAll 6 of my grandsons. It was raining. Again.

I love this photo. The girls look so tiny and the boys so tall and protective…..

It was a fun weekend.

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