Oh man the HUMIDITY!

94% this weekend. I took 5 showers and all I did on Saturday was watch Star Trek: The Next Generation and work on a grey blanket that has been requested.

It was miserable.

Saturday morning my friend Julie came up and bought two blankets and 3 scarves for Xmas presents.

“I officially bought my first Christmas present!!” she sang as she bounced down my steps!!

And because she bought this grey one….

grey-with-black-and-pink-and-black-and-white.jpegand this pink oneCream and Pink
I had to start on another grey one right away. The Pickle Patch wants a grey/pink/black one….I worked enough to get almost a foot done on the new grey one.
I like this one too. So soft…..Already have my ‘handmade with love’ button sewn on. I just ordered almost $100 more yarn today. I have plenty of ‘accent’ colors. I needed more base colors like the grey, white and antique white…..

picnic 2018picnic 2018-1

Sunday was the car club annual picnic at my house. Usually everyone is gone by 2pm. They were there till after 4:30pm yesterday. It was awesome good fun again. Had a guy with a hopped up new Ford truck pull in and ask us if we had any Scrub parts…We all LAUGHED and LAUGHED…..then shoo’d him off my property!

No. Actually we told him a few places to look and he went on his merry way….

Now back to Friday….remember the guy from back in Feb?   This funny guy 

So he shows up on Friday and we are chatting, he’s cracking me up, I’m laughing and he’s telling BAD suggestive jokes. Then he says ‘That’s YOUR old truck out there?’ Yup. ‘Does it have a Chevy motor in it?’


“Well, I WAS going to give you my contact info but now I’m not so sure!” He hung his head and said he was sorry as I clutched my chest as if I was having a heart attack…..we are both just giggling.

Then he stands in front of my desk as says “So my daughter is ‘manager’ of some kind at Logan football, but when she’s done, you wanna go do something?” I’m like YES on the inside but I tell him “Well a few months ago they cut my gas line at home and they are coming to relight my pilot light tonight.” Which of course gets the line “I can light your fire.” I just rolled my eyes and laughed….So I had to get right home cause the guy is done at 5pm and that is what time I would arrive at home.

I gave him my card with my contact info on it. FINALLY found out his name is “Jeff, he is 6’2″ tall and available” he tells me as he strokes his mustache. OMG……funny guy.

Anyway…..I left and hauled ass home only to find out………..I have electronic ignition. The pilot lights automatically whenever the furnace kicks in. I had TOTALLY forgotten about that in my anger over not only them cutting my gas line, but the MESS they left behind!

I’m like F………………………………………………………K! I could have been laughing my ass off in town tonight!!! Man I kicked myself…..

So then I waited all weekend for him to call…………..nothing.


Im off like a herd of turtles



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13 thoughts on “Oh man the HUMIDITY!

  1. I’m not touching the Ford/Chevy issue either, but I agree with Rivergirl on the funny guy! And btw…what’s the stitch on the white and pink one? I’m planning out my winter projects and I live that one.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I had an AMC with a Chevy Engine and a Ford Transmission…so..okay. I liked that car, the Eagle went through anything until…it didn’t.
    As for guys? Just play with them and if they can’t call you or nag you? Smile and move on! I know me…bad. Easy for me to say right?
    I hope he calls and makes you laugh. He may have thought you were brushing him off with the light my fire….

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