Caro Dio, seconda parte….

Hey God. It’s me. Boo. Just checkin’ in. I know it’s been a while. I’m not churchin’ it like I was. Maybe because I’m getting more content…Maybe I am more comfortable in my single skin than I was.

But I’m still mindful of You. I know You are still watching over me.

I went months without losing it over Nick. When I did? It was explosive. But I’m good now. Hopefully it will be months before it happens again. It used to be daily, then weekly. I guess I am healing.

My family is growing again. But then You knew that. Daughter is expecting in January. That makes her and her 3 children all having birthdays in January. Her husband’s? Is in December. Can we get a little girl this time, God? I have 6 G’sons. 4 G’daughters. Time to even it out a bit….?

be with those that bring out the best in  you.jpg

Having a ‘movie night’ with a man 14 years younger than I. Supper at the Mexican place first, then on to his house…..He is an absolute delight and we get along really well. But he is a dear dear friend and I do not want to ever lose that. He is far too important to me. He brings out the fun in me. I sent him a message yesterday…..”Come into my parlor said the spider to the fly…?” He laughed. Thank You for putting him in my life. I do appreciate him.

I know you don’t approve of the possibility of my new guy. But You are the one that made the situation as it is…So resolve it. OK? Only You can do that.

Why can I not grieve over my brother? What’s up with that? That turned into a mess with his ex g/f stealing things. Stuff is missing and she refuses to return our calls. Those antique dressers are coming to MY house. They were MY great grandparents. Not hers.

OK, I have to stop now. It’s upsetting me what she has done. One day it will get resolved.

Keep watching over me, OK? I’m not as mad at You as I was.

Love ya,




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2 thoughts on “Caro Dio, seconda parte….

  1. When I was 12 I made a deal with Him–I won’t ask ANYTHING of Him if He wouldn’t ask ANYTHING of me–so far for 70 years it has worked out–either that or He is a She and then I am going to be in big trouble eventually!


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