Omg omg omg!!!


I took a friend’s advice and bought two books.

This guy who so humbly says so little about his books

Oh I respect that.gif

Yes, those two books.

I sent them to him for his John Hancock.

And I got this back with the books.

My Royal 'raffe

Mike? You are awesome and talented and funny and …..well ….let’s not forget the kid and the weird hats OK? or waffles…..

I LOVE ‘raffes. I ADORE ‘raffes. I think I may have told him that somewhere along the line over the past couple of years 17 months we have been connected.

I can’t thank him enough for this!!! It’s going on the wall of honor at home.

Just as soon as I make one.

If I make one.

OK, I’ll make one.

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