Let’s see how this goes……

I’m going to try Jim’s Five for Friday thang…….

Muppets laughing.gif

Who am I kidding???

1 – It’s another Football filled weekend. One game tonight in town, another early tomorrow morning in town, a third one later morning 30 minutes away and a 4th one an hour away and that one is homecoming. One would think I got footballed out. Nope.

2 – I hate my phone. It’s a Samsung S7 and it’s HALF the man phone my S5 was. I miss my S5. This POS $615 S7 isn’t worth the time it took for me to type S7.

3 – I used to do a Tuesday 10 on another site. I enjoyed that. But I won’t do it there anymore. That place barely gets my thought, let alone spending much time on it now……Too much drama and so many blogs were written just to bash other bloggers. Grow the hell up.

4 – I think I need to drink this weekend. Preparing for next weekend in the cities for a wedding. LOL ! It’s been awhile!!


5 – ok, final thought…*wracks brain*………..um……….Yesterday the day won. I was down 1.6#’s but yesterday………..was not a good day. This mental thing is difficult. And I made the mistake of buying some Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate/Caramel squares. Ooops…..I think if I could talk to certain people on a more regular basis it would help. But like the line from Fatal Attraction I watched on Movie Night at Dan’s house Wednesday night……..”I will not be IGNORED…………..” So things may come to a head today in a few situations.

Ok, like Jim, be creative  as you burst through my front door to say hello. Coffee pot is straight ahead, milk is in the fridge. Later!!

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14 thoughts on “Let’s see how this goes……

      1. I’ll slowly fade away….there are a couple I like to keep in touch with but Rusty is here. If Scott would come here, I’d be happy then done with Blogster.

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    1. So it’s HighClass Whiskey noon
      How is that???


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