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Well crap….

My sexy pirate thing wouldn’t work and I didn’t have time to change to the sexy witch so I’m doing Roy Orbison’s Black and White Night. *sigh* Oh, and my tooth blackout was dried up. DAMN! Nope. No photos. Sorry. … Continue reading

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Sexy Witch or Pirate Bitch?

Sexy Witch? Pirate Bitch I am trying to figure out which one I want to do. I’d have less ‘exposed’ if I went with Pirate Bitch and I’d probably be more comfortable. But being that sexy witch? Is just too … Continue reading

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No kidding! A day or so late….

                           Saturday….I didn’t even get to sleep in. I did a craft show in Hokah. Up and on the road by 7:15am to be there by 8am. (They were told I wouldn’t be there till 8:30am.) This is one I … Continue reading

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We need each other….

Originally posted on Welcome to my little corner of the institution…:
I keep finding that out every day. There are people I simply NEED to speak with, see or have interaction with every day to make me ‘whole’. Luckily one…

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…and now that week is almost over…

I feel pretty good today considering. And I’ll be fine………………..until the week of March 20th. My 3rd anniversary of marrying my soulmate. And my third one alone….Funny how that doesn’t hit me like this week does. Until one day it … Continue reading

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This has been a rough week…….

………for some reason. I’ve been through it 3 times now and for some reason this time was harder. It’s been 4 years (Oct 20th) since this journey through cancer and it’s aftermath started. I probably will always struggle with it. … Continue reading

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I cracked up………

I think I am ready for a good party. I think I am ready for a nap tomorrow. Hope you all are having a good day.   I have a blog in my mind but it’s not a cheery one … Continue reading

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