Just WHO came up with THIS crap?


Who the fuck came up with THIS shit?? Complete and total waste of time. Every time I see this, I get angry that they are making our children feel stupid because they can’t get it. My g’son is frustrated. I do NOT understand where does that 2 come from? Jaysus. Who can I slap!??

Pardon the language in above paragraph. I’m still in a funk and now it’s time to lash out and get past this. This stupid math crap may have just taken care of it and I can move on in my life.


Men. Do they have ANY idea how frustrating they are? I do!

(Well maybe not moving on just as quick as I thought…)

Question….if a woman gives you her phone number…..and you have asked her out twice (first time I was going to be in the cities for an NBA game and we ended up getting a blizzard so we didn’t go, second time I was SO wrong about my furnace and COULD have gone, WOULD have been home, slaps myself for not remembering I have a self igniting furnace <insert face palm here> ugh) , wouldn’t you call?? You enjoy talking with me, we laugh and have fun in my office just chatting……..

Now I find out one of my co-workers has a son that goes to the school this guy’s daughter goes to. Maybe HE can find some info for me altho WHY the hell am I trying ???

Cause I’m sick of sitting home alone.

accept the good in your life like me i am a delight.jpg
And people need to KNOW this!!!


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21 thoughts on “Just WHO came up with THIS crap?

  1. I have absolutely no idea what’s going on in that second problem. New math can bite me. Hard.
    As for men? Call this one yourself and definitively ask him out… or let him go. Asking your co worker for information just because their kids go to the same school reeks of desperation. You’re better than that.
    Remember…. you’re a fucking delight.

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      1. Surely you can find his number. If he comes to your office, is he a client? It must be on record somewhere. And hey, there’s this wonderful thing called the internet. You can find anything there!

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  2. A guy I work with has an eight year old son and he’s always talking about the math, it’s ridiculous!! Sometimes good old math can be hard, why screw with it??!!
    Can’t wait to meet delightful you!! ❀

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  3. I made it through Geometry and Algebra 2 when I was in school, so I’m not a math slouch. My son went through the “new” math and from his book and the way he explained it, I never understood. BUT, looking at the graphic you posted, I immediately figured it out. Wish I’d had that back then. (and yes, I found where the 2 came from πŸ˜‰ ). Luckily, he’s surpassed my math knowledge and I don’t have to help him anymore.

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    1. I think it’s a pathetic waste of time. Let’s see someone figure it out that way on a calculator. Which everyone in accounting uses. I never write out my math like this. Not in 20 years of doing cash reports.

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      1. It is, because while it’s easy with 2 or 3 digit numbers, the new math method would be unbelievably complicated when working with multidigit numbers such as millions or billions of dollars

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