Ladies Night……..

My friends Barb and Kris join me at my house once a week for ‘Ladies Night’. Barb and I do our Weight Watchers meetings while Kris finishes at her job. We all meet by 6pm for Salads. And desert.

For those of you who love salads like I do, Barb discovered some salad dressings you can eat and not feel guilty about.

WW goes by a point system. I get to ‘eat’ 23 points per day. Each food is assigned a point value based on its different daily value (Carbs, sugars, calories, etc)

Salads can be ZERO!!! points! My salad in the photo above? Zero Points and I can have all I want. Lettuce, cherry tomatoes, banana peppers, chicken breast, corn, mushrooms, hard boiled eggs, green peppers, onions and dressing.

Walden Farms Honey Mustard for this photo. I prefer the Walden Farms Raspberry Vinaigrette. LOVE them. ZERO points!!!!!! Look for these in your local store. I can buy them direct for $4.99 per bottle. Plus shipping. My local BIG grocery store? $2.99/bottle. I don’t care for the Bleu Cheese or the French. But the Chipotle? OMG…..Yum!!!

Onto our desserts. Fruit…in this photo blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and bananas. Covered in Walden Farms ZERO POINT Chocolate Sauce. And it’s REALLY good. Not blech like a sugar free chocolate sauce usually is. There’s probably 2 cups of fruit in that bowl.

We are all STUFFED by the time we are done eating. And it’s healthy. It’s good. And it’s ZERO points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay me!!

We watch different things. We love Grace and Frankie and cannot wait for November 2nd to roll around when Season 5 starts…..

Last week we watched Book Club. Barb has seen it 3 times now, I’ve seen it twice but Kris hadn’t seen it. We laughed so hard!

Next week, we already have tickets to see A Star is Born at the theater. We’ll go eat at the Hungry Peddler before the 7pm movie. Watching carefully to stay within my 23 points to broiled fish or grilled chicken. After that I don’t know because………

WHY IS IT THE ONLY VEGIES RESTAURANTS OFFER ARE BROCCOLI AND CAULIFLOWER??? YUCK!!!! Cripes….at least offer Mixed Medley of green beans or how about peas and carrots???

I can’t eat Broccoli anymore (LOVE the stuff dipped in Ranch dressing) and Cauliflower? BLECH! To ME, that crap stinks.


Y’all have a nice day!!!

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4 thoughts on “Ladies Night……..

    1. I tried watching Shameless….couldn’t get through the first episode. The Fosters is one I may start checking out tho after I’m done with all the Star Treks…….I’m on Deep Space 9 right now.


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