Welcome back to your desk. Good luck pretending to work.

Wow I was MAD when I wrote this a year ago! I’m doing much better now. I am developing a relationship with someone that is fun to be around. He makes me very nervous…..is this a GOOD thing? LOL!!

Welcome to my little corner of the institution...

46,30,65,26,46,57,61,37 <—the ages in the obituary notices I rec’d in my email this morning. Jaysus…..Getting YOUNGER all the time….This is not good.

So the depression got worse over the holiday. Family reasons. I have to believe they just don’t get it. And please don’t tell me you do just because you lost an uncle, or a father in law, or a cousin. It is not the same as losing the one you planned to grow old with, the one who slept by your side, made you feel safe and loved, held you when the thunder cracked far too loud. If you still have your S/O? Then NO, you do not know what it is like. I am alone now. You still have your S/O.

You can imagine. You can hurt because you lost your relative or friend. But until you lose the one you love/sleep with/make love to….you simply can’t.

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