I lost it last night…..

….and this photo is the reason why.


I have a friend with a business called ‘Anywhere Windows’. She will take your photo. Blow it up. Put it in a window frame and back light it. My friend Janet’s business

This photo was taken on June 30, 2016 at 4:20am. Through a screen on the kitchen window of the cabin Nick and I were in while staying at Harris Bay Resort in Ignace, Canada. I am always amazed when I look at it and see just how clear it was even tho I just snapped this on my phone through a screen.

Janet blew it up to a 3′ x 2′ window size. She put a small Christmas light bulb right behind that middle tree as the sun was just glowing beyond the horizon. She also put lights on the docks just like they are in the photo. I laid there and stared at this last night. [I’ll get a photo of it lit up for y’all…..]

And lost it. I could see him sleeping in the next room. I could feel the raindrops from the storm the afternoon before, the feel of the lake on my toes, The pain in his eyes and the thinness of him in my arms.

But I have found when I start a new adventure, this happens. And Jeff is a new adventure.


Yup……I spot dust now and then and pray it is just from the road.

i am not normal
But you knew that…………….

kick ass women
So I have a date on Saturday night. I asked him. Jeff asked me when we did Bloodys during the Packer game. It must be my turn then…….? I have a Christmas party with friends. We’ll see how it goes as to how long we stay. One lady there I do not like spending time around and I usually ignore her. She owes me a HUGE apology and I don’t know even if I get it, that I will start talking to her again. She’s a two face and I don’t have time for people like that.

santas replacement
Anyway…Jeff is the FWG. Remember that? “I’m 53, 6’2″ and available” ….? I think he’s a funny guy. But we’ll see how things work out. He, too, drives a Chevy so we are probably doomed.

I will be cooking for him and his daughter again this week. Possibly Thursday evening. I think I am taking a half day on Friday to get the growl in the left rear wheel checked out.

papa you sure dere is 12 horses in dere
He won’t be able to help this time. LOL……. Hopefully it’s nothing serious like I just need new brake pads.


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