how do you take your coffee

Most remote Motel

Would you go here? I think it would be fun for 7 friends or 7 couples who are all friends to go to this place. The Northern Lights, Polar Bears and other misc wildlife……..I think it would be an ADVENTURE!

And it’s FREE!! You just have to fly in 2 planes, a helicopter and ride an ATV to get there. Oh and I think you have to be able to pronounce the name of the town. LOL!! Only 450 people live in Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland. The nearest city? Is 497 miles away. Bring booze!!

life is adventure waiting

And life is an adventure right??

life adventure i do believe it is time

photo of a woman holding an ipad


I have a date Saturday night.  I told him he had to behave.

Wonder how that’s gonna work out for me….


A whopping 14* here this morning. It was chucking filly.

Winter 2018 is 2015 revisited. Yay.

Our computers are back up and running…..very slowly but they are working again. I have had customers calling looking for invoices for the two days we were down. Just got off the phone with a guy. “Ya, I know your computers were down for a couple days…You know, if my ex wife worked on computers, they’d never go down.”


And on a different note……………..Have a GREAT evening!!






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