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I think we have

………talked more in the last 3 days than the 3 weeks we’ve been seeing each other. There is just something about him………….. You know when you ‘click’ with someone…..? Ya. Sounds like we have NYE plans…………………. Advertisements

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Dammit….. We are still talking. He came to see me last night at Ladies Night. Things are up in the air now with a situation I do not understand. He will be MAKING me understand this weekend. No details because … Continue reading

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Caro Dio, parte quattro

Dear God… HAVE said “Be careful what you ask for….you JUST may get it.” Or was that my mother??? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm I haven’t seen signs of Nick for quite some time now. I’ve hoped he has ‘moved on’ and is happy … Continue reading

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Caro Dio …. parte terza

Hello God, it’s me again. Boo. Nick hasn’t come to me in a long time now. Have you found something for him to do?  Wonderful man that he is? You know he’ll help anyone you need…. I miss him still. … Continue reading

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FROM Feb 15, 2016: This weekend, at lunch on Saturday he asked me. ‘What are your plans if I don’t beat this?’ and we both just started crying. I’ve already told him a dozen times, I’m selling the house and … Continue reading

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Q and A Tag: come chat with me….

Visit the darkest crevices of my mind, dare to tread where many fear to go. You may find something interesting or you may find a mirror to your soul. <—good one!! The Rules: rules? Who needs rules??? Answer the questions … Continue reading

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Last night was……

Dan and I went down to what is called the ‘little hippie town’ almost an hour south east of us. They had a benefit for the local school district at the Driftless Cafe. Yuppie food like you see on TV. … Continue reading

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