What to write today….

Dear Santa before i try to explain

(2 hours later)

It’s an hour before I leave………and I still haven’t even thought about what I want to write.

dog peeing on snowman

(20 minutes later)

Yes, I had a date this weekend. It was fun. But the aftermath today has got me down. I feel like I am ‘shopping’ and I am finding everything (read everyone) ‘lacking’ whatever it is I need. Not what I want. What I need. I have a list and I need to not waver from it.

We went to a retirement party. Damn – he looked fine sitting across the table from me. Standing so tall behind me just…….I cannot begin to describe how that feels. Walking hand in hand. Having him smile at me, interact with some of my friends…..it was nice.

Brian is a wonderful man. I enjoy my time with him. He is kind, generous, funny, CAN COOK!!, and standing next to him Saturday night at the Fire Dancers…..? Wow. Tall, distinguished looking man in cowboy boots, hat and the coolest long black wool coat…..sheesh. He looked good.  Really good.

Went back to his house and he put on flannel loungers, t-shirt and crocks. TOTAL different look. They are right. The clothes make the man. Wow….I have never experienced that before. (Nick looked good no matter WHAT he wore. And even better in what he DIDN’T wear (shush). Brian needs to be in jeans and cowboy boots. LOL! thud

This getting used to someone new just isn’t working out for me. I cannot help but compare and  I simply do not like it.

But hey, I get points for his name NOT being David!!! Right?


george carlin naughty girls

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10 thoughts on “What to write today….

    1. LOL…First husband was David. Nick’s real name was David. I cannot do a third David….
      But there IS this guy calling and flirting over the phone………his name? David. Thud.


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