Yesterday I re~read a bunch

….of emails from the benefit we did for Nick.


Probably was a mistake. I was not having the best day yesterday. I haven’t felt that ‘out of sorts‘ in a while. Just didn’t feel the day was right. I’m just glad it’s over.

too much Monday not enough coffee.png
I’m sure that was part of the problem. Never seems to be enough coffee….

I awaken in the mornings with my eyeballs dried out and rolling around in their sockets, I swear. I have NO idea what my eyelids are scraping on when I try to blink. And I have a cool mist humidifier going all the time now.

FNG is talking of bringing white chili on Friday. I should dig out my bread recipe and bake a fresh loaf to add to the meal.

Two 4 day weekends are coming up. YAY….Then no vacation days or holidays till Memorial weekend the end of May. I’m gonna have to go somewhere in March.

Or go crazy.

Today I am going to leave you this to ponder on. It came from documentary I watched called “Unseen” about a serial killer of Black women. The neighborhood pastor says “I never know when it’s the last time I am going to be talking to someone I love…..” This is very true.

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