Q and A Tag: come chat with me….

Visit the darkest crevices of my mind, dare to tread where many fear to go. You may find something interesting or you may find a mirror to your soul. <—good one!!

The Rules: rules? Who needs rules???

Answer the questions you receive (straight, funny, absurd, up to you)

Create three questions of your own for those that you tag to answer

Tag three people

The Questions.

  1. Best movie of the year?—-A Star is Born. I love Bradley Cooper and his style. He brings something new to each character he plays. And those eyes…omg…333 Lady Gaga…I didn’t know what to think of her when she burst into the public’s attention. I have to give her credit for one POWERFUL voice. And I love to listen to her sing now.
  2. White Christmas or Hot Beach Christmas?–I have lived in the Midwest all my life. I simply must have a white Christmas. This year however? Same as 2015. It was 47* yesterday. besides….a beach body I do not have…..winter-2015
  3. The one New Year Resolution you would enforce on your countries leader?—Honesty. Be honest with your nation. KEEP YOUR PROMISES. Use the money as you say and as it should be. Honor our veterans as you CLAIM you do. We all know that is a lie.


My Questions:

  1. This one had gone around before. But I’m adding a twist: If you could bring back ONE person for one day for a FRIEND of yours, who would it be and why?
  2. How do you put a giraffe in the refrigerator..?
  3. Tell me what you think of wind and solar power and why you think people are afraid of wind turbines…

My nominations:



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2 thoughts on “Q and A Tag: come chat with me….

  1. I appreciate the invite, but I hate these things. Just because you’re special? Here –
    1. I would bring back Nick for you, because the loss of your true love broke my heart as well.
    2. Very carefully. (someone was bound to say it… might as well be me.)
    3. I’m for all types of renewable, clean energy though solar requires too many panels and yields too little output. Windmills are all over the mountaintops in New England, but interfere with the bird migrations which is troubling. We need to put all the fossil fuel companies out of dirty business and invest in hydrogen powered cars. It’s an infinite source, the exhaust product is steam… what’s not to love? The Japanese have had stations for years but since our government is in bed with the oil companies it will never happen here.
    But sorry… I’m not posting on my page.

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