FROM Feb 15, 2016: This weekend, at lunch on Saturday he asked me. ‘What are your plans if I don’t beat this?’ and we both just started crying. I’ve already told him a dozen times, I’m selling the house and moving back to Minnesota. ‘Yes, I want you nearer the grandchildren.’

Nicks hands.jpeg

Getting my house done and moving. wow.  I’m sure when it is done, it will be exactly how I want it and I won’t want to leave. Which is a possibility too. My buying the house I want will have to be contingent on selling the one I am in. But I have to find the perfect house first.

My son got a bunch more done on my kitchen this week. His family is coming up early on Sunday to put a threshold in and the trim above the new butcher block counter top. Then we are going to map out the bathroom and 3 exterior doors.

Fingers crossed.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and remembering lately.

I miss him all over again.


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