Caro Dio, parte quattro

Dear God… HAVE said “Be careful what you ask for….you JUST may get it.”

Or was that my mother??? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I haven’t seen signs of Nick for quite some time now. I’ve hoped he has ‘moved on’ and is happy in his new place. It has been over 2 1/2 years. Maybe seeing signs of him isn’t good for me like I thought.

Anyway…..Saturday morning, sitting on my couch, and this bird slammed into my big picture window. It left feathers too high up for even my son in law to reach. (he’s like 6’4″). I watched it flutter over and latch itself onto my screen porch screen. As I watched,the bird flopped upside down, claws caught in my screen. I thought “Oh man. and just a few days before Christmas, I have to see this. So outside I went in my Obi Won Kan obi Bathrobe and flip flops, thinking I’m going to have to throw a dead bird and my G’son is watching.cardinal 1

I go out on the screen porch, walk over to where this bird is hanging upside down by one claw, and begin stroking its belly through the screen. It reared up and looked at me …. and yet it did not flutter wildly to get away.

So I went outside, gently detached it from my screen.

cardinal 2

And proceeded to hold it and pet it for 10-15 minutes. It must have really knocked itself for a loop. It didn’t even TRY to get away. Just sat in my hand as I pet and pet and pet it. After a few minutes, her eyes started to flutter shut.

cardinal 3

It trusted me to not hurt it. You can see my hand is OPEN.

cardinal 4

I was amazed.

Can you tell what kind of bird it is?


A cardinal. Y’all know the story of cardinal visits right?

But for her to let me pet her for that long was more than hitting the window and being stunned. She could have flown off at any time and chose not to.

I’m going with that.

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