…or am I?

saturday night out kidding I am in my jammies.jpg

Retirement party this afternoon with Brian. He may meet some people I know. He has promised to be the perfect gentleman because Ma, Pa, and Unc might be there.

I’ll update you later.

He’s also promising to cook prime rib for me at his house. He promised this after telling me on Tuesday evening…..”Come into my parlor said the spider to the fly…..” then he laughed.

Oh gawd……

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earn and momI got to talk with my wonderful daughter at noon today! OMG I miss her SO much.  You know I wasn’t going to take a student that first year. I am so beyond glad I did!!! I love that girl…………

my ring
The story of how he came by this ring: He was down to his LAST quarter…and in the unpredictable weather of the Midwest, it was a brutal 65* that day, he crawled across the warm pavement of the Kmart parking lot, braving the cracks and pink bubblegum, heading to the gumball machines. He pulled himself up to his full 6′, towering over the prize holding box,  reached down into his pocket, pulled out that warm 2 bit piece. He slid the coin in the slot and grabbed his back. ‘Ow’ he grimaced as he turned the handle, closed his eyes and HOPED against all odds that the item behind the door of that little red box would be *gasp* the ring of his dreams!

And lo and behold! THIS big beautiful white stone ring popped out!! Grinning wildly, he carefully slid the plastic ball holding his prize into the pocket that once held that warm coin.

“I can’t wait to see you tonight, baby.” he thought to himself. “I’ll slip this treasure on your finger and you’ll be mine, mine, MINE, ALL MINE!!”

……….and he laughed manically as he crawled back to his car, missing the bubble gum once again.

Ya…he has a fun sense of humor. Gonna make me THINK!!

my necklace

He gave me this necklace too. He’s got taste.

And he finds good jewelry too…lol


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Last night was……………


Brian picnic
Started with a picnic in the car after dealing with Christmas photos in Walgreens. Cheese, sausage, CANDLES!! ………

Brian white wine
And wine………………….I just sat there chuckling as he dragged thing after thing out. Oh he can make me laugh.

{He bought me a bottle of Rum. All I told him was I had some Hot Buttered Rum mix I wanted to try. And when he handed me the bag with the Rum in it, somehow there was a bottle of tequila in there too! He’s something else……}

We then went on to the Rotary Lights I told you about. This is the entrance. We strolled hand in hand all the way around. All the lights and trees and stuff…it was beautiful. I wish I could figure out videos on here because they had the COOLEST tree this year………….

Brian and me
Ya, he’s a bit of a cowboy. Tall….LOVE the boots and the hat is a nice touch! He likes to have his hand on the small of my back or hold my hand, LOOK at me when he’s talking and man, that man has a lot of words pouring out all the time…..He cracks me up.

He calls me girl, baby, baby girl…..He doesn’t believe I am only 4 years younger than he is. Maybe I don’t look it. He’s a gentleman for the most part. Can’t be perfect all the time.

We’ll keep this one for a bit and see what happens…….no longer have much faith in men to do what they say. They need to prove now.

Sad isn’t it? (Thanks Ken and Jeff)


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So I had a good weekend…

Friday night, I stopped by a friend’s house that was doing a craft fair in her garage. Saw some peoples and had me a bit of fun. Then I went home and did some supper and Star Trek. I’m really liking voyager. They really added some humor to it.

come here you big beautiful cuppa coffee.jpg

Saturday morning I get a text. “good morning how are you my name is brian we met at g’ma’s funeral jan gave me your phone number”

Hmmmmmmmmmmm yes, I remembered this guy. Hit on me at Gramma Grape’s funeral. Made me laugh and I enjoyed talking with him. I was dating Ken at the time so no, he didn’t get my # then.

We had 389 messages by the time we finished Saturday. And a date for Sunday morning breakfast.

We had decided on meeting at 8am. Thing is? The place doesn’t open till 9am. I’ll remember to check next time. I got up at 7am after Saturday night of 2 Grinch Grogs and a glass of Riesling.


So we sat in the parking lot talking for a bit til Wing Dam opened. While we were talking he says to me “I have something for you.” From the back seat of his almost new Cadillac Escalade, he gives me a ‘Christmas Tree’ Little Debbie cake, a chunk of wood for my wood stove, and these flowers:
My flowers
OMG they smell so GOOD…..I just smiled….and thanked him….and inhaled deeply!

We had a fun time having breakfast. We talked from 8:30am till 11am when I had to go because Daddy was working and Mommy had to go to work at 12 so I had my little short stack all afternoon.

We talked of so many things. It was just a pleasant morning.

I dragged that green trunk up from the basement. It was one of those I got from my parents house when they were moving.

old trunk 2

This photo didn’t turn out worth a tinkers damm. But it does show what I did and the more I look at it, the more I love it.

Under those photos, in boxes, I have all these magazines that Nick collected. I cannot bring myself to just throw them all away. So I went through all that stuff, threw out the catalogs and kept the magazines. Super Ford, Fast Fords, Car and Driver…..HUNDREDS of magazines. Then I went through them all again with a black magic marker and obliterated the address label. I’d already sent 2 big boxes to Operation Homefront to include with care packages. One would hope the troops would like something to read. The rest of those boxes were stack behind that green chair along that wall and it looked horrid. So I dragged that trunk upstairs and put all the boxes inside. I love it. Looks SO much nicer. All the photos are of my g’kids. You can see my flowers from Brian on the trunk.trunk.jpeg
See the photo just above the flowers? My favorite one of me. Kevin took that one. I gave it to my daddy for Christmas but since they downsized to a small 2 bedroom apartment, he gave it back to me. I love it.

Brian and I talked at lunch today. We have a date to walk through the Rotary Lights tonight. Rotary Lights

Click on that link for a virtual tour. There are 4 million lights and I think it is beautiful. We walked through it last year with Marghe. Froze our BUTTS off. OMG it was cold! But it’s pretty neat as you can see from the link above.mom and marghe 2017.jpeg
We are also going for supper. I think Diggers is a good place. They have a shrimp appetizer that ….yum……I love. Brian just text me “cheese wine sausage chocolate” A picnic? Really? It’s 18* out there!!!

He cracks me up.

I have a supper date tomorrow night with a lady that wants me to make a full sized crocheted blanket for her for next August. Wednesday afternoon Ladies Night Ladies are going to BRF for the afternoon. Thurs and Friday are open right now. Saturday, Brian and I are going to a retirement party. Sunday I think I am going up to the folks for Church and I’ll take them out to lunch. I also need to spend a day finishing up Christmas shopping. Hopefully I can get a bunch done on Wednesday in BRF.


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Do you know what it is like….

………to be alone in a room full of people?
and she said I cant take this anymore
That is what I feel. Again this year. I can be with my family and still feel so completely alone. Even my cousin who lost her husband back in 2003….She gets it and yet… She has remarried and between them they have 6 children. Children that love to come home. Children it is fun to be around. Thanks to my ex, my children and I do not have good relationships. He told them I was a whore and that I stole all his money and that I sold drugs. (I even had the cops tell me I was spending $1,500 per month on drugs. Funny …. wonder where THAT money came from…..?) Unfortunately, they believed him because to NOT believe him would be to go against him and he would then abandon them.

“A child will lash out at the parent they feel safest with.” Me. Because they know I will not stop loving them. They do not have that assurance from their father.

I find that incredibly sad.

Then there is my sister. After my brother died, we needed to find ‘evidence’ of his last activity. So I grabbed his phone.

And found the texts between my sister and my late brother.

I no longer have time for her.


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First of all…….

Thank you to all my readers. I see my followers and my stats are beginning to skyrocket. Thank you! Y’all ROCK!! I hope someone gets something out of the little words I put down here.

I don’t care really about comment counts. I just want to hear you say hello and where you are from. A few of you have said so and if we talk all the time, then I KNOW where YOU are from. This is for the newbies.

HEY! HOW AH YA!!?? Pull uppa chair and set a spell.

Grab a glass of Margarita or Mojito or Sarsaparilly….

Wait….why are my feet not touching the floor?? *sigh*


Second: I want to wish you all a very merry holiday season. No matter what you celebrate, may all your hopes, wishes and dreams come true.

tree lights


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