First blog of the new year……

Yesterday afternoon, after spending a wonderful NYE and NY day with Brian, I walked away. He cannot give me an answer I can live with about the situation in Chicago. I won’t play second fiddle to that. He came home Sunday evening bruised and cut up. He should have had stitches. Apparently her ex came calling. And beat the crap out of him. Charges have been filed and will be followed through with…….but I don’t want to nor do I need to deal with that.

So until he figures out if he wants that kind of drama…….? Or the fun and good times he has with me……….? I’m gone. If he finally does figure it out? and I’m available………? We’ll see.

His family wants him out of there. I’d like to see him out of there. But it’s his choice.

I cried all the way home from his place. I do have such fun with him. I have met two of his brothers and they are wonderful people. But that’s not enough for me to stay. Even though he makes me feel special………… Just not special enough.
New Years Resolution
Hope your new year is better than ever…..happy new year hat.jpg


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22 thoughts on “First blog of the new year……

    1. I had the best. I’m looking for someone to make me happier again.

      I’m ok on my own but there is just something about being arm candy. *snortz* I’m kidding. I really am craving adult company. I LOVE My 5 year old g’son to pieces but …. he can’t go to the bar with me…….yet.

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