Think back to early June….

…and remember….that truck load of wood?  And my broken Sternum? ……


My 5year old g’son’s birthday party was Saturday at the bowling alley. It was great fun watching 2 5 yr olds bowl. They had a GREAT time. We had brownies (requested in lieu of a cake) and root beer (ugh…I brought wine in my insulated cup…shhhhhh don’t judge) and it was fun with my folks and my kids and some of my g’kids.

My oldest grandson is 18 1/2, 6′ tall, 225 plus pounds. He gave me a hug when he saw me. A really big hug. Lifted me off the ground hug.

jules and cullan at football

You know where this is going right?


I was unable to breathe for almost 10 minutes. Lightheaded. HURT.

On the upside I CAN cough and I CAN sneeze. So that’s a plus.

The photo is Sunday morning. I took Lennox and his mommy out for breakfast. He got his usual Mickey Mouse Pancake with whipped cream and chocolate chips. . . . and proceeded to lick the whipped cream off the pancake.

lennox at 5 licking his pancake.jpeg

*sigh* what a child. LOVE him to bits and back.

Notice the two figures protecting his chocolate milk?


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