The Wake…..

Yesterday closed with a difficult evening….I had felt pretty damn good, my chest wasn’t hurting NEARLY as bad, but the weather changed. It was COLD out. The wind was awful and just BIT through your clothes.

Colleen’s wake was hard. She didn’t even look like Colleen. I have never seen a viewing with flowers wrapped around the neck or covering hands. It just looked odd.

c purple flowers                              casket

Lots of classmates were there and it was nice to see them….I just didn’t like the reason we got together. I picked up Doris and she rode with me to the viewing. We are a pretty close class….

After that was all done, I dropped her off, put gas in, and headed to a wrestling tournament my #2 G’son was in. However I was at least 20 minutes away and he was up. So I didn’t get to see him this time.


Hope y’all have a great evening. More tomorrow..oxoxoxoox


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10 thoughts on “The Wake…..

  1. Wakes and funerals suck. The undertaker did a marvelous job on my MIL … I almost expected her to take a breath. I think I would have preferred a little less perfection … I still hate floral scents because of that …


      1. Yeah, I went through that a few months back when my high school sweetheart passed. I was numb for awhile. My hubby was so gracious about it. His ex-wife has terminal cancer and so he will be dealing with that himself in the near future.

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