I’m blank today….

I got to see Brian (AKA My millionaire) last night….I haven’t seen him since I walked away on January 1st.

hard to let go of the demons that are holding on

It was good to see him. I have missed him. And he really misses me. He won’t say it but his actions sure do. But…he knows (as I keep reminding him) what has to be done. I have to stand firm on this. He keeps telling me “I know. I know.”

He knows he can’t be with me until it’s done. He tells me I am such a warm loving person but he thinks I can be a hard ass too.

underestimate me

Don’t piss me off. I don’t get so mad and want revenge like I used to. I walk away. It’s easier on the heart. And after I do? Then people realize that they actually like being by me. Then it’s too late……


I found this today. Each of you ………….. take it to heart.

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