Lisa….I’m just gonna answer these…..

You have been invited to a formal dinner party but you only have a choice of two outfits: a wetsuit or a fairy outfit (tutu, pink, you get the picture), which would you choose?

—I would ROCK that fairy outfit. Just gimme a wand!!

You can spend the day with any film/tv character – who would it be? (yes, I’m still thinking about Alan Shore)

The Lake House ‘Alex Wyler’…..yum.  Who wouldn’t want to spend the day with Keanu Reeves????

You have won a free holiday to a resort of your choosing, anywhere in the World – where would you go?

—-I would go to the Island of Sardinia. It is beyond beautiful there and I think everyone should go see it at least once.

You are give the opportunity to erase 1 memory, what would it be?

—-The pain and hopelessness in Nick’s eyes when they confirmed it was cancer.

Given the choice between being locked in a 20 x 20 room alone for 24 hours or with 19 others, what would you pick?

—-Alone. I like my own company. Can I have music of my choosing? I’d sing for those hours of the 24 hour that I am awake.

Check Lisa out at …….

She’s fun to read……(well except for that scary one………eeek)

we love someone because they sing a song only we can hear

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