So….inquiring minds want to know….

…how my date went Saturday afternoon. Well, lemme tell ya………..

-doesn’t like crowds.

-asking me about how I knew I had diabetes. (free medical?)

-Asked how I deal with Anxiety…………I don’t. I just do what needs to be done and I don’t waste time and energy on it. That’s what I was taught growing up. When you grow up on a farm, it’s how you are. When you have an angry animal coming at you, you react.

-flirts then backs off. Doesn’t follow through so I’m not sure what it is he wants.

-NOT 53 as profile states but 60. Which is neither here nor there. He’s a good looking man. LONG hair. NICE smile.

-wants to get together again. Interesting. Hasn’t stated when yet…..

-insistent I get a cortisone shot for my chest. Altho after throwing wood in Sunday afternoon, I feel MUCH better. It’s been suggested scar tissue is making things a bit painful and I’m thinking that is correct. Frankly I am amazed at how much less I hurt. The pile in the back is about 6′ tall so that is a healthy pile in there again now. wood pile—and now the weather has turned crappy so I think I’ll be leaving early. One last order to put in and I think I’ll be shutting down.

I’d rather it snowed. Because now, with it icy? daughter is SURE to go into labor…..yay!!

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9 thoughts on “So….inquiring minds want to know….

    1. He was pissed but he can’t get it to change to the correct age. And a friend of mine noticed on HER dating site, some of the ‘summaries’ are almost word for word exact. Makes you wonder who edits.

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