Friday is coming…and the world heaves a sigh

If you haven’t check Lisa out yet, Please do. Her writing style is a joy to read.

Me? I just blunder along and hope I get a point across.its gonna be ok.jpg
I just keep telling myself this…..

I can feel ‘winter depression’ coming on. I have always disliked sub zero temps. But since Nick died, I dislike it even more. I don’t have a warm body to snuggle up to. Some of you get this. Some of you don’t. And no, the dog just doesn’t cut it.

Saturday my millionaire is coming over with a friend and we’ll be cutting big tree branches that are hanging over my house and garage. I’ll have a nice amount of wood for next winter by the time we are done. I also have 12 pines in the back that are dead and need to come down. I’ll mix a piece of pine in every 7 – 10 pieces of everything else. Pine will gum up a chimney too fast for me to deal with.  If he wasn’t saving me about $2,000, I’d not have him come over. I’m having a hard time getting him outta my head.  I limit conversations as much as I can without seeming rude. His brother is putting the word out on my car parts and has connected me with another guy looking for FE parts. Fingers crossed.

One of the guys at work brought these red pots into work. One for each of us.

A couple weeks later, I have this. It’s 2′ tall and beautiful. These two flowers are on one of the two stalks. There are two more buds coming out on that stalk. There is a second stalk with 3 more buds coming out. Such a VIBRANT color too! The flowers are so heavy I had to stake it up.

Heading to the hospital to see my friend who just got a new knee today. Have a good evening!

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