People like this PISS me off…..

The Pampered Chef Family Heritage Large Stoneware Bar Pan #1445 15″x10″ NEW

Item Information

Condition: New    Time left: 4d 08h Friday, 9:04PM
US $74.99    

$19.06 Expedited Shipping
Ships from Danville, VA United States

lg bar pan.jpg

This item is $37.00 plus $8.25 shipping from Pampered Chef WITH a 3 year warranty.

When you buy from Ebay:
—No warranty
—And you take money from the pockets of a hardworking Pampered Chef consultant who is just trying to pay bills.
—And if you point out she has MORE than doubled the price on this thing…?

I’m not forcing anyone to buy from me!

Grown-ups come onto eBay to purchase something they are looking for – if they prefer to buy directly from the company – they are more than welcome to!

I am not interested in how you think I need to operate my eBay store – or price my items!

You messaging me to tell me what someone else is pricing an item at is honestly pretty rude of you! If you think my item is too high – scroll past it!

I hope you have a wonderful day!  Sarah.

Grown ups? Wow….bitch

If she IS a Pchef consultant, she is illegally selling this stuff. I retired June 2017. I had to wait ONE YEAR before I could list anything on Ebay. A consultant is not allowed to sell on ebay if they are active. I did NOT tell her how someone else had priced this. I told her PChef’s price with shipping.

She is ripping off her customers. And she doesn’t care. Think about that next time you go to order something there. Even USED ones, black as ever, are going for $60!!!!!!!

I really hate seeing people GETTING RIPPED OFF by buying things like this on ebay. Pampered Chef, Longaburger, Scentsy, all of those in home businesses ……….. Go make a friend with your local consultant. I will tell you you can make a lifelong friend AND GET CUSTOMER SERVICE where you will NOT get it from rude people like Sarah.

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20 thoughts on “People like this PISS me off…..

  1. I know what you’re saying… eBay can be an awful rip off, but a lot of people hate those home party, high pressure buy situations. (read, me) We were duped into one years ago. Got invited to dinner at the new neighbor’s house for what we thought was a meet and greet. Turned out the dinner was cooked by a sales rep for some pot and pan company and we got stuck listening to the whole hour and a half long spiel. I love and buy Scentsy, but that’s easy to do online with my rep, whom I’ve never met. Don’t invite me to a Tupperware, Mary Kay or God forbid…. bedroom “toy” party. I will unfriend you!

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    1. ALL companies you can buy online without having to go to a party. But Ebay sellers, like this one, rip you off. NO warranty. So if you break this, you are out $94.05. You can order direct for $47.74. (WI tax of 5.5% for me. Tax is by state shipped to.) I don’t go to parties either. I order online. And an hour and a half?? no. No demo should last that long. Not a good consultant if it did.

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      1. That’s good. But I swear every time a friend invited me to one of those things it was because she was desperate to make money and I always felt guilted into buying crap I didn’t want. I avoid them like the plague…

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      2. Everyone wants friends to buy so they can stock their ‘place’ with the things they need. I get that. But I never pressured anyone into buying. Either when I did my shows or when I would host one in my home. Come for the Wine!!!! oh, and I have shit here if you are interested. lol. We always had fun.

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    2. Don’t invite me to a Tupperware, Mary Kay or God forbid…. bedroom “toy” party. I will unfriend you! <—-disregard the envelope that went in the mail yesterday then ok? Thank you so much.

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    1. I have not replied to her but I did send the information into Pchef. If she is a consultant, she loses her job. People like her give HONEST consultants like I was, a bad name.


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