I spose I should clarify my previous…..

…..post about drugs.

my bad.jpg
Gary is staying at my house this weekend because we have things to do in MY direction. It will save hours of drive time. He wants to see my house. He has friends this direction. ….. so?

But my daughter is all up in arms. “So our choices are: we all have to find somewhere to stay for the weekend, or we are forced to stay upstairs the whole weekend, or we are forced to meet him?”



Ya, I dated a few guys that made me happy, we had fun. But they turned out to be not right for me.


When did it become a rule to do things HER way? Months of dating before any new guy meets my family?

Didn’t know that was a requirement.

Sure takes the shine off things.


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Dewy reminded me……

…that I didn’t tell you about breakfast with Gary’s Mom.


my bad 2.jpg

I got to the restaurant ahead of them. But literally by a minute. Gary said he saw me walking into the place. He came in first and she was hiding behind him (he’s 6’2″ remember? And she? Is not)

She came around from behind him and I knew INSTANTLY she was his mom. They are like 2 peas in a pod. Same facial features. Same smile. Same stature. I told them they looked like twins. I was immediately happy to meet this woman. Felt at ease…..

Gary, of course, gave me a hug and a kiss. Then we went and got a seat. And talked for almost 3 hours. It was such a great time I hated to leave. We spoke of so many things……

But we parted ways. I went to the $ store, came out with $13 of things and NOT the lighter I needed. In fact I didn’t remember what it was until the next day.
Then we went to the grocery store to get my tater soup ingredients. Onto his house where I made my soup, he loved it, and we watched a movie or two.

Mom went home and called Gary’s 4 sisters. (Ok she claims they all called her….but I wonder if she didn’t let them all know during the week we were meeting up…..But it’s all good….LOL)
I’m laughing. So is he. And one even text him almost right away…..LOL!

Or maybe the other way around?

This weekend he is at my house as there is an auction I want to go to, weather permitting. One of my ‘other dads’ passed away a few months ago. ‘Mom’ passed away almost 2 years ago now. Their farm auction is Saturday. I don’t plan on buying anything but I want to see the kids. His sons taught me how to ride motorcycle. And I spent MANY happy hours at that farm. My ‘little’ sister is almost 6′ tall and I love her hugs.

I am thinking there is wrestling somewhere on Sunday but I have to find out yet.

Life is good.


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Going going GONE

This is across the street from Gary’s house.

2 going2 going
Wait for it………..




3 gone
AND! He forgot to shut his garage door!!  Gary and I giggled over this one. Took the guy a long time to dig that out.

We got a CRAPTON of snow. I finally got home about 330pm on Monday. I90 was closed. Hwy 14 was down to one lane in some places. So I took 14 home. And it WAS one lane with the drifts halfway up my car window as I drove by. (I drive an Edge….not a scraping the pavement with my ass car. …So ya, tall)

That is a 4′ berm at the end of my driveway. Yes, that is car buried on the left of the driveway. It took my friend Mike almost 45 minutes to plow me out. He was running out of room to put the snow. EVERYONE is running out of room to put the snow. And we are single digits to below zero again. Monday morning we went up to Gary’s building to shovel his sidewalk. It was -25*F with windchill. Brrrrrr chilly. We went for breakfast first. I had the BEST pancake ever. Tasted like a sugar cookie! Blueberry syrup and I was SET!! Wow.

Well I did. Sue me.

We checked 511.org and the bottom part of Minnesota was closed. None of the roads were open. I have never seen so many red circles on roads. There were travel bans on. So we sat down and watched The Greatest Show. It was great!!

Roads are horrible. It’s cold out. And I’m at MY house. Not his.




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…my mind being pummeled by images of Nick the other night?

This one

Here’s something you’ll find hard to believe.

Or not.

When this little bug is awake and looking at me so intently, all I can see are her Papa’s eyes. They are the same steel blue with the dark ring around the iris. willa-snuggled-in.jpeg
I was totally stunned the first time I noticed this.  I just sat there. How could Willa have Papa’s eyes when there is NO biological relationship there??  But does it matter?willa-all-snuggled-in.jpeg
Wednesday night as I sat there snuggling up to my little girl, all I could think about was how she would never know her Papa. What a wonderful man he was. How he LOVED those grandchildren even though they are not biologically his. It didn’t matter. She would only know him through photos, the few videos and the words and memories of her cousins.

And I couldn’t stop crying. The overwhelming sense of loss not only for me, but for HER. She will never know the man that everyone called Papa. And loved him as he loved them.

And I think he would have loved the stuffing outta this one. His ‘daughter’s’ little girl. He always felt closest to my daughter’s son. He was Nick’s grandson. That is how he introduced him to everyone. He was so proud of that little bug. LOVED him to bits.

Lennox still misses his Papa. Still wants to ‘go wake up Papa‘. Is still sad “Papa died of cancer”.

So am I little man. So am I.

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Check this out…..

sag female with date
The things that happen during daylight hours today are nothing compared to the one or two things that you can make happen after dark!

I about fell off my chair and had to text this to Gary this morning! We are meeting in Winona in the morning for Breakfast with his Mom. (OMG I JUST GOT NERVOUS!) I asked him if this dang thing is telling me I need to go up there tonight!!?? LOL!

I am making my famous ‘tater soup’ for supper tonight. I need to remember to get some ‘good bread’ to ‘fry’ up with it. And let’s see if I end up snowbound. LOL

Gratuitous Nonna Snuggles photo
willa sleepin on nonna.jpeg

I have been binge watching a TV show from that aired on CBS from 1987-1990. OK, I confess … it is the ONLY TV show that I bought all the seasons. I had always LOVED that show but I had forgotten how HOT the main character was! I am halfway through season 2 and she FINALLY kissed him. *throws hands in the air* But that was the mystery, the draw, the reason one wanted to watch this….to see how their relationship progressed.

Can anyone guess the show?


OK, y’all already KNEW I was weird when I said Gul Dukot was hot…..but this guy always had the BEST hair too!!!!

Oh hush………..let me live in my fantasy.

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