My weekend was so nice…..

I have been talking to G on a website for a couple weeks now. We finally decided to get together this weekend for Saturday night supper at my favorite Mexican place.

I knew him the second he walked in the door. And he smiled so big …….

G is nice, fun, sincere and he gets me. He lost his wife to breast cancer in 2011. He loves old houses. We are passionate about the same things. It was an amazing weekend of talking and getting to know each other. He has 5 kids between his own and step. So the big family thing is fine with him. It doesn’t scare him.

And I spent all day Sunday at his house.

No, Mom. I did not stay over night. I was a good girl.

He told me today he is crazy about me.

This one is a keeper. I am so comfortable with him. We snuggle and we fit. This feels good.

So wish me luck……

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