It was a very nice weekend….

we love someone because they sing a song only we can hear
Friday night, Gary and I met for supper in at our favorite Mexican place. He is always so happy to see me. That is nice. I really like seeing this tall man walking towards me with this big grin. Then I get this BIG hug……ya. We spent a few hours together then we both went home. I had errands to do Saturday morning then went to his house for the weekend.

We had wrestling both days this weekend. On Saturday, Caiden (aka Calvin Klein) took first in the town Gary lives in. I took Lennox with me, dropped him off with my son Brandon then went to get Gary. We watched Caiden win. That was awesome. The 2nd match ? The guy forfeited. Apparently he didn’t want to lose to Caiden a second time. lol. That kid is a beast……

We left after the wrestling match and went on to Rochester. We picked up my g’son at his apartment and took him out for lunch. I love the chicken bowl loaded up with almost everything at Chipotle’s. Yum. Then we went to a store across the parking lot and I found clothes for Willa, Lennox and Ryley. Then we took g’son back, went back to his place and just watched movies, cuddled and talked. And talked. and talked til almost midnight. He makes me feel loved. He’s told me he loves me already. Why am I holding back? I think that was fast but then Nick fell in love with me the first moment he saw me. Like we had known each other before. Gary is the same way. I feel a lot about him, I just can’t sort it out as fast as he could.


Sunday morning, Gary and I left in what was starting to be a nasty snowstorm. Watched Lucas win in Houston after 3 matches. It is a joy to watch him. He’s such a scrappy little thing! He pinned the first match but had to work for the win in the other 2. I’m so proud of that kid….9 years old and the concentration of a much older person. He must be an old soul….

We got some bad snow around here. If you want to know how bad, check out the 40 car/truck/semi pile up on I-94 by Osseo, WI. That is 35 miles from home for me. I was over in Minnesota and it was just as bad. Going home from the tournament, we couldn’t see the road for snow or the landmarks around for the blowing snow. It was white knuckle driving and I wasn’t even driving! I had to drive HOME so I left as soon as we got back to my car but it still took me over an hour to get home, on roads that hadn’t been plowed much.

I posted my hair photos on another site and I was told that people dying their hair look like freaks. Guess I won’t be posting much over THERE anymore. If there had been an “lol” after it then I’d be OK. It just read as a disapproving remark.

I replied. Oh, Thanks.

I think I’ll stay off that site for a while.

I’m talking to Gary via text and he just told me he started missing me the minute I walked out the door. We are going out for Valentine’s Day. It’s on a school night. This could get interesting.

Ok, I won’t drink.






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19 thoughts on “It was a very nice weekend….

  1. I’m happy for you, too, Boo. I’m basically very much a cynic, though, so Rusty makes a lot of sense to me. I’m skeptical when it all sounds too perfect too soon. Talk is cheap, so be mindful of his actions, your heart, your neck, AND your wallet.

    And if it all turns out to be good, HAVE AT IT, YOU LUCKY LITTLE SCAMP!

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    1. It’s all good. He pays for everything except when we took my g’son out. His actions are respectful. What cracks me up is he doesn’t swear. It’s ‘Gosh Darn’……..I giggle.


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