Things in common…..

Gary: Grew up on a farm
Me: Grew up on a farm

Gary: divorced first wife.
Me: Divorced first mistake

Gary: Lost second wife to cancer.
Me: lost love of my life aka 2nd husband to cancer.

Gary: Lives in a Craftsman style home and loves it.
Me: LOVES them and will be looking for one when I move.

Gary: Crap now I forgot.
Me: Same here…there is a whole list of things we have in common.

It’s almost scary how much we have in common.

And it’s scary how he makes me feel. It makes me worry it’s too good to be true. We get along so well.

Only Nick has ever made me feel this way.With all the guys (ha….4? ) that I’ve dated in the last 2 years, NONE has made me feel anything. Or I would shut down.

This could get interesting. And I can’t wait to find out.

And one day soon, when someone takes a photo of us together, I will post it.

As for our weather….which is being called a bad storm. We call it Monday. A video from outside Eau Claire, Wisconsin, showed cars, trucks and SUVs spun out on a snowy highway median. It’s pretty nasty.

snow car
No, I didn’t shovel around my car or in front of it.snow knees
The more I took off the TOP of the car, the deeper it got…..snow steps
You can see how deep it is around my front steps.snow tireAnd how high up on my tires….18″ Rims people. Do the math….

AND! My AWD Ford walked right out onto the highway. Didn’t bog down at all….She’s a good girl she is!

I loves my car….

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12 thoughts on “Things in common…..

    1. Because like you, I can’t make ’em work. LOL!! *ducks and runs*

      I want someone to take a photo of us when we are not looking. It makes for better photos. Look at that series of Nick and I. Proof.

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  1. Ah, the excitement of a potential new love! The thrill of a new relationship! The endless possibilities! These things can sustain you and fill your days! I wish you lots of joy and happiness with this Gary character. He’d better be worthy!

    Fun fact: my very own brother and sister-in-law used to live out in the county between Eleva and Mondovi, which I remember is very near Eau Claire. Such a beautiful area … in the summer time. lol

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  2. As of today there has been zero inches of snow in my neck of the woods and the leaves are back on the maple tree, all pretty and green (They just fell off two weeks ago when we had our One day of winter lol)
    I think this Gary guy might be worth hanging on to Boo. ❤

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