Our wonderful winter weather…whew!

olaf and snow angel

Here in my area: To date, 28.4 inches of snow has fallen this winter as of midnight Monday, according to the National Weather Service. About 80 percent of the snow that has fallen as of Monday fell over the past 30 days.

DRIFTINGSo my car is stuck. And you can see my tracks out the driveway to get to Jerry’s truck. That stuff was over my knees so I had a GREAT time getting out to the highway. I hitched a ride in with him this morning so I am here WITH NO VEHICLE!! Gah, I hate that.
My daughter text me at lunch. Someone is here plowing now. Who? Some guy in a red Chevy. You didn’t tell him you were stuck when you asked about plowing. I have no idea who that would be. It will be interesting to find out who needed to know I was STUCK before coming to plow after a storm that not only dropped a foot of snow but all the wind we had blowing it into drifts….. I would think after how many years of plowing. . . . My being stuck should be irrelevant? Sorry. Just not in a great mood over this. The guy that HAS been plowing us out for most of the time I’ve lived there suddenly decided he wasn’t going to let his hired man help me anymore….the day the snow started. How nice of you to let me know. In plenty of time to line up someone new. Thanks. But now I don’t have to cook extra for so many leftovers. I can cook what we need instead. I’m sure his hired hand will not appreciate but I don’t ‘pay’ for what I won’t be getting anymore. (The farm in the background is where they used to bring the bobcat from to plow my drive-about a hundred yards away. As of this summer, the bobcat is a 1/4 mile on the other side of me. Apparently this is now too far to drive it.) Neighbors being neighborly is a thing of the past………..?


Gary is a joy. It’s fun to listen to him talk. ‘Gosh darn, there is so much snow on my kitchen roof.’ I haven’t heard some of the phrases he uses in years. Everyone here just swears. LOL….I’m so used to it that to hear ‘Dang it!’ or ‘Gol Durn it’ or ‘Gee!’, ‘Gosh’,’ Wow’. He just plain makes me smile. We are meeting for Valentine’s Day supper tomorrow night. Just have to pick a place. Or he can surprise me. Saturday night he gets to meet most of the car club. The club jokster won’t be there so it may be a smooth evening. LOL…

My cousin in CA doesn’t want to come play in my snow with me. They are having a cold snap in the 50’s and 60’s. Should I tell her about the -63* by me Jan….when did we have that again? Jan 24? Every time I send her a snow photo, she’s like “OH God make it STOP!!” LOL

Yes, Yes, I’ll see if I can get someone to take a photo of us tomorrow night. Sheesh….


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10 thoughts on “Our wonderful winter weather…whew!

  1. What a big one snowy mess! God, I remember those days. At my old house, there was a lovely little wind-tunnel effect that would cause a three-foot high snow drift between the front door and my car, a distance of about five steps. It was crazy. And I don’t miss it. One. Little. Bit.

    ♫ HAPPY HAPPY ROMANCE DANCE ♫ Listen at you waxing all mushy over Gary’s poor profanity skills! You are besotted! lol

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