My weekend was good…..again.

monday coffee cat.png

I took a selfie of us driving to my house. He won’t let me post the photo, he was not smiling. So he doesn’t like it. He said to warn him the next time I was taking a photo.

I said no.



But no, I won’t post it. I’ll just keep trying for a good photo instead.

I am so tired today. I couldn’t sleep last night. I hate that. Time to start taking my Melatonin at 6pm instead. I need to catch up I think. Between the medicine and all the fresh air on Saturday, you would think I’d have dropped right off.

We went walking in Whitewater State Park on Saturday. One of the prettiest valleys around. It was sunny and warm out. Walked some of the trails there. We will probably do that every weekend now. He’s on his way there now.

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It’s quarter of 4. I have to run up to Blair 10 miles north of my after work, go home, grab the boys, go to the library and return 2 books and 2 movies, then home to relax. I’m taking my Melatonin early tonight. This cold and the meds have kicked my ass and I need to sleep.

Y’all have a good night now, ya hear?


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15 thoughts on “My weekend was good…..again.

  1. I have a photo with my ‘daughter’ Bailey, but my hair looks so awful I won’t post it. He photobombed it. Turned out ok of him. Just not of me. Maybe I should photoshop them together?


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