Three years ago today. My mind is thinking back on that day. And it’s just mush. SO many people there. The venue was not big enough. I talked to so many. Nick and I did not get to say thank you in front of everyone because they kept pulling him outside. What a day.

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Overwhelming. Just overwhelming …… is the only word I can think of for the love and support Nick and I rec’d on Saturday. Hundreds of people came to be there for Nick and for me. Nick and I hugged SO many of you!! It was just WONDERFUL!! We were both so happy to see each of you there to support his cause.

Nick says he has NOT felt THAT good in 5 months.

A comment from a dear friend: “I think it was great and the positive energy in the room had to give Nick some extra reserves to keep fighting the good fight. He had a beautiful smile radiating on his face during the benefit. When Nick and you were dancing it was beautiful and gave everyone pause to appreciate today and be loving in their actions.”

I think that says it all.

And to say Thank you to…

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