Our crazy temp gauges….

This morning the temps were:

53* on the East end of town.

55* on the bank clock in the middle of town.

57* on the Police/Post Office building on the west end of town.

I just laughed. I’m glad those things are so accurate!! Or else it was really heating up FAST outside!!

Gary and I had a great weekend in Milwaukee/Madison. We even got to go to a Half Priced Books!! I was in heaven. Got some cool cards, blank note cards, some post cards and a book on Tuscany.

I met his sister S on Saturday along with her son and his family. FUN and FUNNY. We sat outside in some gorgeous weather and laughed all afternoon!! Then we went back to Madison and I went swimming in the bathtub pool.


Man that thing was small. Three strokes and I was already hitting my head across to the other side. Then as we were getting in, a family with like 5 kids and 4 adults came in too. *sigh*

Sunday morning, we met Gary’s oldest daughter for breakfast at a place called Egg & I. Wow…food was SOOOOOOOOO good. It was an excellent weekend. We laughed and enjoyed the whole time.

Who can ask for more?


❛If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.❜ ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero


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